Pindara Private Hospital Maternity
Part of Ramsay Health Care

Birth Suites

Pindara has recently opened two new birth suites within its Maternity Unit.

The suites have been created with birthing mothers at the centre of the design concept and offer an exact balance of features that combine the familiar and comfortable elements of a home like environment with the experience, security and capability of a modern hospital.

The suites are spacious and incorporate both natural and medical pain relief options for patients.

Each of the two new suites includes an inbuilt circular bath for deep water immersion - a natural option for the management of pain during labour. Mothers are able to walk down into the bath and the circular shape allows patients to comfortably wade and adjust their position dependent on what feels right.

Patients and their partners are able to adapt the environment of the suites to suit their individual needs with the ability to control room lighting, play their own music or utilise alternate therapies such as aromatherapy and salt lamps.

A number of the midwives at Pindara are hypnobirthing practitioners and can guide mothers through specific relaxation, meditation, breathing and positive affirmation exercises throughout labour.

The birth suites are set within a tranquil garden courtyard, offering a serene and private space that can be utilised throughout labour.

Medicated pain relief options are also available within the birth suites. Rooms are fitted with specific equipment to help administer medical pain relief, including Nitrous Oxide and Intra Nasal Fentanyl. Nitrous Oxide can even be used in combination with warm water immersion, under supervision. Morphine and Epidural are also available as pain relief options and mothers can discuss these with their midwife and obstetrician prior to and throughout labour.

A number of physical birthing aids such as a fit ball, birth stools and birthing/labour bars are also available in the suites during labour.

The latest in medical technology has also been incorporated into the suites, such as the K2 Monitoring system, which tracks foetal well-being during labour.

The K2 is a high end monitoring and clinical decision making tool which tracks baby’s heart rate and feeds this and other observational information on the mother through to the central monitoring system which can be accessed in real time by the midwives and attending Obstetrician. Obstetricians can check on mother and baby’s progress from wherever they are through the use of the K2 app and are able to liaise with nursing staff remotely about any concerns.

The suites also feature brand new Wi-Fi enabled CTG and telemetry units which can even be worn in the water, so birthing mothers can use them continuously throughout their labour if required.

Brand new Cosy Cots have also been fitted into the suites. These cots are a specialised infant resuscitation unit that can be used immediately upon birth should baby need any assistance. Pindara’s Special Care Nursery is just steps away and experienced paediatricians are on call if baby requires any specific help after birth.