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Leaving to go home

Before you leave to go home, you will need to have a baby capsule or car seat correctly fitted in your car.

Weigh baby

Baby will also need to be weighed prior to discharge.

Discharge time

Discharge time from the Maternity ward is 9.00am. On the morning of your discharge a nurse will sign off on your discharge notes and give you your discharge letter. You may take the baby's cot card and any remaining nappies home with you.

Remember to take your Birth Registration and Family Payment form home with you.

Before discharge, you are invited to fill out the hospital questionnaire and comments card located in the folder in your room.

It is recommended you attend your local Child Health Clinic on a regular basis for ongoing monitoring of the growth and development of your baby. After you have given birth you will be encouraged to make your first appointment with your nearest clinic. It is advisable to make this appointment as soon as possible in order to obtain the earliest available time.

You will also need appointments with the Paediatrician and your Obstetrician for a six-week check up for both you and your baby.

After giving birth, you will be given your baby's 'Personal Health Record Book’ and a child youth & family health leaflet with a phone number of your local Child Health Clinic.

Please take this book with you when returning to your paediatrician, family doctor, child health clinic or hospital. Your baby's immunisation schedule is in the back of this book.

It is important to remember to contact your health fund to add your new baby onto your private health cover to ensure that they will be covered in the future.

If you are concerned about your baby's health in the first few weeks of life please contact your paediatrician or for after hours Emergencies contact the Pindara Emergency Department on 07 5588 9000.

You are welcome to attend weekly or fortnightly visits at our Postnatal Clinic (up to 6 weeks of age) with an experienced Registered Midwife after you are discharged home from hospital.

During your appointment your baby will be weighed and checked and any questions you may have on feeding, settling and baby care will be answered.

There is a charge of $35 for a standard appointment. The Postnatal Clinic is held in the Pre-admission Clinic in the Pindara Professional Centre, Carrara Street Benowa and appointments can be made with the Maternity Receptionist (55889401) after you have delivered your baby and prior to discharge home.